RV Power Protection


I sell and install RV power protection units.  I specialize in Roadtreks.  I also work with larger Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, and Campers.  I have both portable units and hardwired versions.  The protection level provided by both is the same.  These units protect against wiring problems: open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity; voltage above 132 Volts and below 104 Volts; accidental 240 Volts; frequency variation from 60 Hertz +/- 9 Hertz; and against surges 300 Volts and higher.  A digital display indicates detailed power information and line error conditions.  (For more information see the instruction manuals).

These units are manufactured by Progressive Industries, one of the most respected companies in the RV industry. 

The portable and hardwired power protection units are available in either 30 or 50 amps.  The hardwired come with either integrated displays (LCHW30 & LCHW50) or remote displays (HW30C & HW50C).  The portable (PT30C & PT50C) have integrated displays. 

Portable surge protectors are also available.  These units protect against surges 300 volts and higher.  They also check the pedestal wiring.  They do not protect against the more common continuous low and high voltage problems.  They are available in either 30 (SSP-30) or 50 (SSP-50) amps. 

All power protection units and surge protectors are covered by a “Lifetime Warranty”.

I use U.S.P.S. Priority Mail and ship generally within one day of the order. 

I am actively involved in the Roadtrek Club and have units with me at rallies I attend and can install hardwired units for you.  Also, if I’m in your geographical area in the U.S.A, I may be able to deliver a portable or install a hardwired unit at your location.

Please contact me for the latest pricing and to place an order, or for additional detail regarding RV power protection and these units.                                  

Thank you.

Hardwired 50 Amp power protection

unit with integrated display (LCHW50)

Portable 30 Amp surge protection unit (SSP-30)


Hardwired 30 Amp power protection unit with remote display (HW30C)

Portable 30 Amp power protection unit (PT30C)

AC power reliability is questionable as we travel around from one camp spot to the next.  Low voltage, high voltage, pedestal wiring problems, and spikes or surges exist and travel via the shore cable into your RV.  These variations in delivered power can cause premature and immediate appliance or electronic device failure, as well as create an unsafe condition in your RV.  A good way for you to protect your investment and your safety is with one of our power protection units.